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Aquatic Ashram

Love Yoga Surf

Crozon Surf Crozon Yoga School

“Time seems to stand still”.

The vision of a reconnection to live better.

Or surf lessons and yoga lessons in consciousness on the Crozon peninsula.

Why a surf and yoga school in Crozon?

Because after having traveled the world for surfing, and living in Capbreton and the Basque country for years, having traveled through India in a thousand facets and felt the energies of the masters; coming back to the country was obvious to me.

I know it now, it’s my insatiable need to play, but above all my thirst for reconnection that pushed me to enter into the presence necessary for the practice of Surfing and Yoga.

The magic of Surfing allowed me to rediscover contact with wild nature and the primary elements. The ocean is the greatest educator. It pushes us to go beyond our limits in the exaltation and joy of shared moments.

The stability of Yoga and its traditions pushed me to rediscover my physical and subtle nature. Contact with the masters guiding the practice.

I have always suffered from separation from true incarnations.

Full health, self-confidence, courage, love of perseverance and sharing, contentment, are all qualities that these two activities can develop. They forge our personality before liberating us.

Experience is crucial. It is by overcoming the hardships that life has placed in my path, that I have been able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for transmission. Everything I teach, I  live it.

Benjamin Hamon

Benjamin Hamon sur une affiche de stage en posture sur un pied.
Claire sensation

Magic Experience

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School of integration.

From my point of view, education must help the individual to mature freely, to blossom in love and freedom.
The function of education is to create human beings integrated and free from fear since this blocks the intelligent understanding of life.
The intelligent way accompanies self-knowledge, this knowledge which is acute perception of our body, our thoughts and our feelings.
It is by facing the experience as it comes to us, without seeking to flee what is troubling in it, that we succeed in keeping the intelligence on the alert.
Does learning a technique enable us to understand ourselves?
Only if we don't get attached to this technique.
If our aspiration is deep and our goal is not to be just
My role is to place the learner in a situation where he discovers his own healing potential and to encourage his spontaneity.