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Surf and Yoga School in Crozon

"Time seems to stand still".

The vision of a reconnection to live better.

Or surf lessons and yoga lessons in consciousness on the Crozon peninsula.

Why a surf and yoga school in Crozon?
Because after having traveled the world for surfing, and living in Capbreton and the Basque country for years, having traveled through India in a thousand facets and felt the energies of the masters; coming back to the country was obvious to me.

Surfboard or Yoga mat two presence supports.

I know it now, it’s my insatiable need to play, but above all my thirst for reconnection that pushed me to enter into the presence necessary for the practice of Surfing and Yoga.

The magic of Surfing allowed me to rediscover contact with wild nature and the primary elements. The ocean is the greatest educator. It pushes us to go beyond our limits in the exaltation and joy of shared moments.

The stability of Yoga and its traditions pushed me to rediscover my physical and subtle nature. Contact with the masters guiding the practice.

A wave of unity.

I have always suffered from separation from true incarnations. It is to share this vision that this surf and yoga school was born.

Full health, self-confidence, courage, love of perseverance and sharing, contentment, are all qualities that these two activities can develop. They forge our personality before liberating us.

Experience is crucial. It is by overcoming the hardships that life has placed in my path, that I have been able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for transmission.

Everything I teach in this surf school and yoga School, I live it.

Benjamin Hamon

Benjamin Hamon sur une affiche de stage en posture sur un pied.
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Eléna V
Eléna V
Quel plaisir de surfer avec Benjamin! Je débute en surf et j'ai pu progresser grâce à sa bienveillance et ses supers conseils. Le gros plus de l'école : la souplesse pour les créneaux de surf et le choix des spots. Avec des amis on a même pu faire un cours en plein mois de décembre.
Khadija K
Khadija K
Le séjour yogasurf a été une superbe expérience tant sur le plan humain qu'au niveau de la pratique. L' accueil était au top, la nourriture était saine, bio et locale et le cadre est idéal pour s'offrir une vraie parenthèse. Le yoga enseigné par Benjamin va au-delà de l'exercice corporel, il nous propose une reconnexion corps-esprit avec en prime des sons vibratoires qui invitent au voyage. Cela nous permet également de mieux préparer la pratique du surf. J'ai particulièrement apprécié l'accompagnement de Benjamin dans un moment de doutes et de découragement. Merci pour tout ! Mention spéciale pour les belles rencontres que j'ai faites et les sympathiques moments partagés ensemble :)
Le site est magique, et le Surf Camp l’occasion d’un vrai ressourcement entre Yoga (avec une mention spéciale pour la flûte et le didjeridoo utilisés par Benjamin en séance) et le surf dans un environnement magnifique au cœur de la nature ! Un régime alimentaire ultra sain uniquement à base de bio et produits locaux : très généreux ! Des hôtes sincères et à l’écoute ! Merci de cette parenthèse dans ma vie qui m’a apporté de belles rencontres et m’a fait avancer :-) ! A FAIRE sans hésiter car le surf c’est possible ;-)
lefevre gaelle
lefevre gaelle
5 jours au surf Camp de Benjamin, que dire, juste géniale ! Accueil chaleureux dans la maison de Benjamin, les sessions surf, les sessions yoga, et mes 3 fantastiques preferées, tout était réuni pour passer une semaine juste magique de déconnexion, encore mercii Benjamin ! 🤗
Clara Chacour
Clara Chacour
Expérience incroyable! J'ai passé 1 semaine chez Benjamin, pour des cours de yoga et de surf. Super accueil , les cours étaient top! Merci beaucoup Benjamin! Aloha 🤙
Adnane B
Adnane B
Benjamin, merci pour les conseils très utiles, j’ai pu m’amuse sur la Palue deux jours avec des conditions au top. Petit clin d’œil pour les priorités 😂😂 ça m’a été utile par la suite ..
gabrielle cerrina
gabrielle cerrina
Aloha On a passé un très bon moment entre amis en toute sécurité dans les vagues Nous avons appris les bases du surf avec beaucoup d'entrain
Simon Gelhausen
Simon Gelhausen
I can only recommend attending courses at Benjamin’s wonderful surf school. Benjamin is a very gentle & supportive man. I was traveling to Crozon by public transport and he would send me time tables of the local busses even though I hadn’t booked a single course yet. As well he helped me booking my accommodation at St Hernot (l’hermine) which I can only recommend as well. Everyday he would give me a lift to the beach where we went surfing. The surf course was great as well! Everyone who attended his courses managed to stand up on the board. We did one yoga session on the beach which was really inspirational and helped improving the surfing. It was a great and awesome time and I will definitely come back. Don’t hesitate to contact Benjamin and book his courses! I’m looking forward to his surf&yoga camp already 🙌

Surf Crozon and Yoga Crozon
School of integration.

From my point of view, education must help the individual to mature freely, to blossom in love and freedom.
The function of education is to create human beings integrated and free from fear since this blocks the intelligent understanding of life.
The intelligent way accompanies self-knowledge, this knowledge which is acute perception of our body, our thoughts and our feelings.
It is by facing the experience as it comes to us, without seeking to flee what is troubling in it, that we succeed in keeping the intelligence on the alert.

This is the direction in which surfing and yoga classes and courses tend.

Testimony taken from an article written by Hélène Laulan and published in the surfer journal.

At 45, I feel a bit like I’m in the middle of my life. I have some health problems but I continue to progress while feeling increasing fatigue in the water. How to continue to progress while experiencing aging? By asking myself the question, I know that it is a false question, because any change can be accompanied by progression if we agree to think other than in terms of growth. I will undoubtedly remain a very mediocre surfer but what I am really looking for is not in performance but in the knowledge ofself. I clearly need the sea to define me and knowing it helps me to better recognize myself.I’m there discovers my fears and my fantasies, I transform a clumsy and stiff body that needs the sea to free itself.As the practice of philosophy which tends to loosen the automatisms of thought, the practice of surfing helps me to release the bodily stiffness acquired with the harshness of existence.

I need others and the sea.I have simply need time, like all of us. Learning to surf is learning the relationships between your body and the sea, that is to say the relationships, indispensable to the living, between his being and the world.

Learn to surf and learn to practice.
A state of mind above all.

Does learning a technique enable us to understand ourselves?
Only if we don’t get attached to this technique.
If our aspiration is deep and our goal is not to be just
My role in this surf school and yoga school is to place the learner in a situation where he discovers his own healing potential and to encourage his spontaneity.