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Surf rental and surf test in la Palue.

To find the surfboard of your dreams.
A new approach to define your needs.

I propose to guide you through the historical evolutions of the shape, and experience the pleasure of retracing the trajectories of the big names in surfing.
Foam board, resin board, Single fin, Twin fin, Thruster.
My quiver and my experience allow me to guide you.
Obviously everything will depend on your style and your preference in terms of wave shape.
Come and explore the Crozon Peninsula and taste the richness of all its surf spots.

The surfer's kit.
What equipment is essential for surfing?

In terms of performance and comfort, it is important to have a board adapted to your level of practice and your style of surfing. To start, it is best to opt for a foam board for more stability and safety. Experienced surfers choose fiberglass boards for their performance. To protect yourself from the cold and irritation it is necessary to wear a wetsuit. Their thicknesses vary depending on water temperatures. The leash is also an essential element which allows it to connect the board to the ankle and thus avoid losing it.

Don’t worry , I will be there to guide you in your choices to allow you to practice comfortably and safely.

Foam board and resin board rental.

Half day board 22€, full day 32€.
Wetsuit for half a day €8, for a day €12.

Resin board