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Health sport Crozon 

Health sport Crozon 

Health sport Crozon 

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Sport Santé 

Sport Santé 

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (WHO Definition 1946)

The aim of the practice of physical and sporting activities is to allow people of all ages, and in all circumstances of life, to practice an activity in order to prevent the occurrence of pathologies linked to, or aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle, or to treat these pathologies by adjuncts to drug therapies.

Surf therapy

Water and full health

Treating yourself by the sea is not new, water is everywhere where there is life. Man is bathed there, protected by this primordial liquid from the first moments of his life. It is the most abundant constituent of the human body, since it represents more than 70% of our weight, and the vector of several biochemical compounds in our body essential to our survival. It is considered the link connecting the 5 planes of human existence: physical, energetic, emotional, psychic and spiritual. It is the essential fluid allowing our energy to move freely.

The spirit of the surf tribe.

Water, in one of its symbolic and historical characteristics, is also the ancestral place of relationships. At the seaside, in all seasons, the beach is a privileged place for families, friends, couples and solitary souls for walks, games on the sand, baths, picnics and sunsets. life and encounters since the dawn of time, water makes the connection and brings souls together. We recognize our peers perhaps by their looks, but above all because they too, having been able to feel the vibration of the wave, carried by the magnetism and the coming and going of the tides, can understand that we indulge in surfing at beyond reasonable.

We are all part of the surf tribe.

Healing and recovery

The notion of healing concerns the outcome of the illness while recovery concerns the outcome of the person. These are two independent things. Recovery refers to an opportunity to give meaning to one’s life.

We must not forget that health is only a means and not an end.

Surfing: mediation therapy

In therapeutic mediation, it is not the result that matters, but the process of psychological evolution. The goal to be achieved becomes psychological improvement. The patient’s well-being through expression. It’s about helping the patient make sense of their affects and their actions. The caregiver will allow him to rely on the relationship in order to support its development.

Actor in his recovery.

It is only by taking into account mental health in the multidimensionality of its disorders and their consequences in the lives of people who suffer from them that we realize to what extent medicinal treatments alone cannot allow recovery. The support offered in mediation therapies restores the place of the person as a subject, offering them the possibility of being able to identify and use their personal resources in order to achieve well-being. This is a personal evolution where the person positions himself as an actor in his transformation. Thus, mediated therapies play an essential complementary role in the care offered in mental health.