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Discovery surf course

A surf class 40€

Skills to acquire:

Being able to equip yourself.

Know the rules, equipment and safety gestures.

Slide lying down and standing up.

Three days of surf lessons

Three sessions 110€

Skills to acquire:

Choose your wetsuit and your surfboard.

Locate the practice area and recognize the baïnes

Understand and respect the priority rules.

Master the small and the big take-off.

Three days of surf lessons

Five surf lessons 169€

Skills to acquire:

Surfing an unbroken wave.

Take a frontside and backside direction.

Find the trimline.

Recognize and use currents to save energy.

Perform a smooth and quick turnaround.

Full support surf class and yoga class

Internship with one Yoga and Surfing session per day 250€.

Skills to acquire:

Acquire flexibility and stability.

Live the transversality of Physical, Vital and Mental qualities.

Enjoy elements and share it with friends.

Feel the reconnection.

Video Coaching

One class 120€

Skills to acquire:

Potentiate its wave entry.

Improve your duck dive.

Make a bottom turn.

Perform a Roller.

Perform a Cut-Back.

Place a Floater.