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Love Yoga Surf Crozon the new wave.

At the end of the world there is a land surrounded by ocean.
On the sandbanks where elementary emotions invite themselves,
a fresh and colorful nature comes alive.
It’s a reconnection.
The fins carve their curves in the intuition of the moment.
Laughter and exclamations fly away in contact with this almost forgotten innocence.
I found my balance, my center of gravity.
Awaken my energy.
In the brute force of a sometimes wild nature, life soars in an emerald tube.

Jack London
Surf "A royal Sport"

“Where before there was only great desolation and invincible roar, now stands a man, erect, of full stature, not struggling frantically in this wild movement, not buried and crushed and shaken by these mighty monsters , but standing above all, calm and superb, poised on the dizzying peak, his feet buried in the swirling foam, the salty smoke up to his knees, and all the rest of him out in the open and in the flashing sun, and he flies through the air, he moves forward, he flies fast like the wave he’s standing on. It is a Mercury, a brown Mercury. These heels are winged, and in them is the swiftness of the sea.

Surf school Crozon

A magic surf spot.

Surfing in Brittany is the encounter between a wild land and a living ocean.
The surf spots of Crozon are numerous and produce ephemeral waves in an exceptional geological setting endowed with preserved biodiversity. It is not uncommon to surf in the company of a seal or a cormorant. The tidal range, the amplitude of the tides, requires a detailed knowledge of the coastline, which will allow in addition to taking meteorological information and listening to an intuition based on a long experience of the places, seize the opportunities for sublime sessions.

How to progress in surfing?

To become independent and have maximum pleasure, it is necessary to train regularly, take lessons, improve your physical condition and know the basic technical principles. Surfing is fun and perhaps it is this quality that motivates us to exceed our limits.

“One last wave and I’m out”, “come on, this one is really the last”.

What force pushes us when we stay in the water for hours without realizing it?

A good choice of board is as essential as sound advice. By having an open attitude, you will be able to quickly integrate the advice. We all need time to progress at our own pace, however learning to surf is now faster. The enrichment of pedagogy in surf lessons and the evolution of equipment have made it possible in recent years to make this aquatic game accessible to everyone. Surfing is an adventure and a constant wonder.

The spirit of surfing by Maurice Rebeix

“A pretext for a deep relationship with nature and the ocean, surfing is more than just a sport… Both a physical and mental discipline with infinite demands, a science of “balance in movement” , it is above all a way of living. Another way of living, because without wallowing in the idea of ​​being outsiders, authentic surfers, those whose gaze is constantly looking towards the horizon, all admit their inclination natural to be located elsewhere, removed from a world with too earthly values. For those for whom surfing serves as a school of life, it remains not only an adventure, a hunt for the elements, a race after the waves, but also a refusal of shackles and conventions, a permanent invitation to travel. It reveals itself to them as a “medicine”, a therapy against stress, anxiety about tomorrow and the dizziness of “social success”… For many and without abuse of language, surfing can even transcend into a true religion, into a highly spiritual practice in any case… Purifying rites, it then symbolizes a cult, a veneration of the sea and the waves where an irrepressible element mixes. need infinity. “

Pedagogy of the approach

A workshop to be, depending on the objectives given to it: educational if the final goal sought is learning; creative if it is focused on production; or therapeutic if the aim is well-being, relief of disorders.