Yoga Surf Camp Crozon

A natural reconnection and personal development.
Let yourself be guided for a moment of shared joy.

Full board 580€.
From tre first to 5th of may.
From 5th to 9th of june.
From 25th to 29th of september.

Unite being and nature in an adapted accompaniment.

This Yoga Surf Camp takes place in a small house in Saint-Hernot in the town of Crozon, upstairs the panorama is magnificent. The sea spreads out.

It is a chance to be able to experience the sunset over the piles of peas and to see the lighthouses of the great west come to life, to discern the swell inviting itself on the coast and sometimes to feel the force and the hardness of the blows of winds.

A few minutes walk from the famous L’ile vierge, it is in this wild setting that the retreat acts.

On the program, a half-day surf session and a half-day yoga session every day. Philosophy, reading, kriya, mantra, pranayama, asana for one; and for the other take off, baïne, trimline, sea sense.

Two practices for one purpose. Yours.

In view of the weather conditions I will choose the best times to jump into the water. For well-being the food is sattvique and organic.

It’s a journey, allow yourself to enter this chrysalis. Let yourself be guided, breathe and the magic of the place will seize you.


The camp

Love Yoga Surf

At what moment does the being realize the need to find its place?

What is the trigger that will allow the acceptance of possibilities, the welcoming of new life?

A meeting, an injury, an invitation, a sign?

Awareness is the key that opens the doors to full embodiment. To exist is vital!

Here, the immersion is total like an apnea to the sounds of the grains of sand pushed by the breaking waves. It bears the fruits of the new world, that of respect, kindness, fairness, courage, love.

Find a way to awaken his energy.